All Political Parties On Same Page For Kashmir Resolution

All political parties on same page for Kashmir resolution

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july,2016) : Leader All Parties Hurriyet Conference Syed Yousuf Naseem said on Wednesday that all the political and religious parties, lawyers ,journalists and youths are on the same page with the Hurriyet Conference for the resolution of the Kashmir issue according to the wishes of the Kashmiris people.

Talking in an interview on ptv news, he said the government of Pakistan, its people and media have highlighted the issue of Kashmir in an impressive manner that the world community and UN would be convinced to help resolve it and soon the Kashmiris would enjoy their right of self determination in accordance with the UN resolution . He said India had failed to impose its will on innocent Kashmiris despite deploying heavy contingent of troops in the valley as theu were scared of seeing their enthusiasm in this regard.

He said right of self determination is for all people of Kashmir including oldies, youths ,dogras and pundits added that Pakistan has changed its stance on Kashmir and agreed upon inclusion of the third party in the dialogue process and thus become powerful while giving the message to the world that the Kashmiris themselves have the right to choose their fate . He said we have waited for so long for the resolution of Kashmir issue according to the UN resolution as accepted by India, Pakistan and Kashmir but efforts were not successful and the movement continued on the political and foreign level.

Replying to a question about role and sponsorship of Pakistan , he said the people of Kashmir had decided to accede to Pakistan just few days before Pakistan came into being in 1947 which differentiates the cause as indigenous or sponsored and India should know about it.

He said that after Simla accord the issue of Kashmir had to resolve bilaterally and both the PMs of India and Pakistan had met at the ministreial level meetings but in vain as India was backed off from its stance . Replying another question, he said that India had left no stone unturned on ground level to disrupt this movement of Kashmir and to weaken Pakistan by even separating East Pakistan from its part as India had never liked to see Pakistan prosperous. He said as for consolidated efforts we have decided to launch our offensive on diplomatic level and have to explore the ground realities inside Kashmir to take them to world power centres ; secondly we have to inject spirit of dedication and commitment in our Kashmiri youths added that they are actively working abroad for the resolution of Kashmir issue peacefully.