Amjad Sabri Murder Case: Wage Killers Were Involved, One Suspect Has Been Arrested


Amjad Sabri murder case: wage killers were involved, one suspect has been arrested

Karachi,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th july, 2016) : Significant progress has been done in the murder case of the renowned Pakistani qawwal, Amjad Sabri who was murdered in Liaqat Abad. his murderers are suspected to be wage killers.

police said that one of the suspect has been arrested from the 13-D of gulshan e Iqbal.

more officials has sent to the interior sindh to detect the other criminals involved. On 22nd june, 2 armed man opened fire killing Amjad Sabri near the 10th fly over in Liaqatabad. Amjad Sabri is considered as the well known Qawaal of Pakistan. he was the son of Ghulam Fareed Sabri.