APHC Expresses Shock Over More Pellet Consignments To IOK

APHC expresses shock over more pellet consignments to IOK

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -3rd Sep,2016) : The All Parties Hurriyet Conference has expressed shock over the reports that more than 60 million pellets have been brought to Kashmir to augment the current fleet of arms and ammunition in the territory.

According to KMS, the APHC in a statement issued in Srinagar said, Indian Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, visited the wounded Kashmir Valley just to hoodwink the people and the local collaborators tried to give the impression that the so-called rulers were pained by the bullets and pallets fired by their armed forces, and approached them to soothe their wounds, but actually they come here to pat their forces."They come here to see how much more time, arms and ammunition are needed to silence Kashmiris.

They hardly care for our death and destruction because they have left their inhuman footprints everywhere," it said.

The APHC said that during the visit Rajnath Singh had ordered about 60 million of fresh and new pallets as a special gift for the Kashmiri youth, whom he says should hold pens and laptops in their hands.

"This is highest degree of love and affection Indian rulers have for Kashmiris," the statement said. The APHC also condemned the ban on news channels saying that the venomous anchors and their biased channels are provided full support and nourished to poison the atmosphere here.

"If some channels dare to side with reality especially in Kashmir, Indian democracy gets them head on as truth and realism is never palatable to their fragile democracy. Hurriyet strongly condemns this media gag in already communication starved Kashmir," it added.