Aqeel, Talha Reach In Tennis Championship Semi Finals

Aqeel, Talha reach in tennis championship semi finals

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22th july, 2016) : Aqeel Khan and Talha Zubair Surmawala moved in semi-finals by defeating Parbat Kumar and Ibrahim Iltifat in 1st Ebrahim Merchant Memorial Ranking Tennis Championship 2016 here at Karachi Club on Friday. In Men's Singles Semi Final, Aqeel Khan defeated Parbat Kumar by 6-0, 6-0. And Talha Zubair Surmawala outplayed against Ibrahim Iltifat by 6-2,6-1. Similarly, in U-15 Semi Finals, Nouman Aftab defeated Amin Shafi by 6-4,6-0 and Zubair Raja against Mujahidullah by 6-2,7-5. In U-13 Quarter Final, Rayyan Jawwad outwitted M Yahya by 7-5,1-6 10-4 Same way, in U-11 Semi finals, Hamad Khan outsmarted against Ashar Mir by 8-6 and Zain M Ali against Abdullah Imran by 8-0.

Zain M Ali outplayed against Hassan Jaml by 8-0 and Zain Ehtesham against Abdullah Imran by 8-2 in U-9 Semifinals. In U-35 Doubles Semi Final, Asad Ali bhagat and Zulfiqar defeated Raza Ali Mirza and Manzar by 6-4,6-2. In the same way, Kaleem Ghachi and Hassan Mehmood outwitted Tahir Ifthikar and Ali Bhagat by 6-1,6-2. In 45 doubles Semi Final, Altaf Hussain and M Abdul Saeed defeated Humayun and Ejaz Sarhadi by 6-3,6-4. In Mens Doubles Semi-finals, Hassan Mehmood and Zubiar Raja outsmarted against Fahad Khan and Saad Ahmed by 6-4,6-0. Similarly, Dawar and Asad Khan defeated Ibrahim Iltifat and Hassan Farooq by 6-0, 4-6, 10.7.