BISP's Aid Reaches 93,000 Families: DG


BISP's aid reaches 93,000 families: DG

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th May, 2024) Director General of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Naveed Akbar said on Thursday that the programme is currently providing financial assistance to approximately 93,000 families living below the poverty line.


In an interview with Pakistan Television news, he detailed the scope and impact of BISP's initiatives and said that BISP was committed to alleviating poverty in the country.


The April-June instalment of this program has been launched nationwide. "We provide Rs. 10,500 every quarter per family, he stated.


Additionally, BISP runs two significant support programs aimed at enhancing education and nutrition for the beneficiary families. "We are supporting the education of 9.4 million children from these families, ensuring they attend school and receive the necessary educational support," he noted.


One key initiative was the Health and Nutrition Program, which offers nutritional and financial support to pregnant and lactating women, helping them secure nutritious food for themselves and their children. 


Addressing concerns about transparency, he assured that the BISP surveys were meticulously conducted. "No one has discretionary powers to add or remove anyone without following a specific process, he said.


He further said that 650 centres across the country were established where families could update their records if their poverty score changed. To combat fraud, BISP collaborates with agencies and cybercrime units, he added.


He urged beneficiaries to trust only the official communication channel saying, "All our messages come from the number 8171. Do not trust any other number."