'Cancer Is A Serious Health Problem': Syed Qasim Ali Shah


'Cancer is a serious health problem': Syed Qasim Ali Shah

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th May, 2024) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Minister, Syed Qasim Ali Shah, announced on Thursday that chemotherapy used in the treatment of breast cancer will be included in the health card very soon. 

He made this announcement while speaking at an important function on breast cancer services organized at Khyber Teaching Hospital, according to a press release issued here.


Health Minister Syed Qasim Ali Shah and MNA Arbab Sher Ali attended the ceremony as special guests. 

Chairman board of Governor Dr. Umar Ayub Khan, MD Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ayaz Khan, Chairperson General Surgery Prof. Dr. Mah Munir Khan, Assistant Prof. Dr. Irum Sabir, and other faculty members participated in the management of Khyber Teaching Hospital.

In the event, Assistant Professor of Cancer Unit, Dr. Irum Sabir, presented a comprehensive report on the treatment of cancer patients, which highlighted the data of breast cancer patients so far and the problems faced. 

She said that in 2022, 6206, 2023, 8733, and 3989 breast cancer patients were treated in 2024. 

She added, "Breast care services at Khyber Teaching Hospital are exceptional, and we are very proud of our achievements since 2019." 

Our dedicated team, led by Prof. Dr. Mah Munir Khan, Dr. Irum Sabir, Asst. Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Assistant Professor Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Shah, Professor Dr. Hina Gul, Dr. Mahmood Akhtar Khattak, and Dr. Kulsoom Nawab, are highly skilled healthcare professionals. 

Health Minister Syed Qasim Ali Shah said, "In his speech, he said that cancer is a serious health problem that we have to fight together.



"Unfortunately, one in eight women is at risk of developing cancer. We all have to work together to meet this challenge, and more improvements are needed." 

"I am happy to announce that chemotherapy will soon be included in the health card program to facilitate access to cancer treatment," he added. 

"Moreover, mammogram machines will also be provided to the hospital." 

The health minister said, "Our effort is to improve the efficiency of the health sector by adopting modern technology." 

"Gamma knives will be introduced soon in Khyber Teaching Hospital, and the process of setting up the cath lab will be expedited," he continued.

During the ceremony, Chairman BOG Dr. Umar Ayub Khan highlighted the hospital's recent achievements, including the establishment of 80 modular beds and state-of-the-art tables for orthopedic surgeries. 

He expressed pride in the successful discussion of 25–30 cases of breast sarcoma in each meeting and appreciated the excellent efforts of Prof. Mah Munir and her team.

Chairperson of the of the Department of General Surgery, Prof. Dr. Mah Munir, took the opportunity to highlight the outstanding achievements of the Breast Care Unit. 

She said, "It is noteworthy that the unit has conducted the busiest and most extensive breast cancer awareness campaign in October every year."


"Additionally, the unit is proud to have established a one-stop breast care clinic in the province and to be recognized for the FCPS in Breast Surgery, a distinction that ranks it fourth in the country," she informed.