Crackdown Against Spurious Drugs Continues


Crackdown against spurious drugs continues

LAHORE,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th july,2016) : Despite the launch of massive crackdown against spurious medicines, dozens of brands of unapproved, fake and un-registered medicines of different categories including aphrodisiac, alopathy, Unani and herbal are still available in market. Sources associated with manufacturing of medicines revealed it on Wednesday, adding that mostly such brands were belonged to aphrodisiac medicines which smuggled from India and China. Despite the sealing of around 200 medical stores running without pharmacist, at least 34 brands of different medicines including aphrodisiac are available in markets and being sold. As per an estimate, a big market of Rs.

3.76 billion belonged to aphrodisiac drugs, nutrauceutical (food supplements), herbal, cosmetics medicines, ayurvedic medicines, unani medicines, Siddah medicines, Homeopathic medicines and bio-chemic medicines are also being sold in markets openly without any registration from Drug Regulation Authority Pakistan. It was learnt that there is no system of monitoring of drug prices available.

Unfortunately, there is no online data of prices from any pharmaceutical company to check rates of any medicine being marketed. It was suggested to the government to order all the pharmaceutical companies to provide data of drug prices online to protect the rights of consumers.