DC Bans Shisha Smoking In District Abbottabad

DC bans Shisha smoking in district Abbottabad

ABBOTTABADS, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th july,2016) : The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ammara Amer Khattak Tuesday banned use of Sheesha and other drug related substances not only in public places but everywhere in the district under Section 144 CrPC.

The order was issued on the directions of Home Department KPK in compliance of the decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan in SuoMoto Case No.

11 of 2006 (Action taken by HCJ on Tobacco Epidemic in Pakistan). According to the notification any person contravening this order shall render himself/herself liable to punishment under Section 188 PPC.

The notification would also be publicized through media, press, by publishing official gazettes, on the notice boards of the district courts, office of the district police officers, district councils, municipal committees and police stations in the district.