Demands Of Independence Day Related Items High In Country


Demands of Independence day related items high in country

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 2nd August, 2016) : Demands of national flags, buntings, banners and pictures of national heroes are on the rise to celebrate the 70th Independence Day. A report aired by a private news channel said that the vendors have set up stalls at almost every small and big market, all over the country where people from all walks of life, especially children are enthusiastically busy in purchasing flags, buntings and badges. Ayan Ali a customer said, decoration of our home and car with flags and stickers show the patriotism for the country. A college student Muhammad Umer said his father has given him pocket money from which he bought flag, buntings and some stickers to celebrate the day with fellows in a befitting manner.

"Every year my father facilitates me to purchase such material and I am happy," he said. Another boy said like other youngsters of the country he would display flag on the rooftop of his house, fix stickers on his motorcycle and badges on his shirt. Similarly, one can also see young girls are seen buying green dresses to mark the day. Car-owners, motorbikes riders were also displayed small flags and posters at their vehicles.