'Democracy Why And How' Shaheed Bhutto Foundation Hosts Book Launch

'Democracy why and how' Shaheed Bhutto Foundation hosts book launch

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th May, 2024) Shaheed Bhutto Foundation organized a ceremony of book launching on “Democracy why and how” written by Mohammed Tariq, held on at SZABIST Campus Islamabad. The event provided a platform to raise voice for a solely democratic country.

The CEO of Shaheed Bhutto Foundation Mr. Asif khan addressed the audience that Pakistan People's Party has always supported democracy and taken a stern stand wherever democracy has been endangered. He further emphasized that the book has been written keeping in mind political activists, common people and candidates of elections to know what democracy and good governance is. Salim Safi, a notable journalist, has emphasized every politician and students of political sciences to read the book to enlighten themselves about democracy.

Author Mohammad Tariq also explained the reasons for writing this book is to raise awareness and reveal hidden truths. He emphasized the role of mutual consultancy before taking any decision and explained how newly independent states restore democracy.

Similarly, Farhatullah Babar was of the view that Pakistani citizens had struggled a lot for democracy but never able to attend the status that is necessary for democracy. Many states who gained independence after Pakistan has a more stable democratic set up than Pakistan.

Other notable speakers include Mr. Tayyab Muneer, Mr. Asghar Shahid, Mr. Riffat Zaidi, Mr. Danial Awan, Mr. Zafarullah, Chaudhary Hassan Adeel and Dr.Tahir Malik who shared the same views regarding democracy. They insisted that Pakistan is a victim of hybrid democracy with off and on army intervening in between. It is high time the army realized that from time to time indulging in state matters is weakening democracy. The book launch ended in question answer sessions among speakers, audience and youth with a promise to do each and everything on their behalf to restore democracy.