Development Work On Koral Interchange In Full Swing


Development work on Koral Interchange in full swing

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th August, 2016) : The development work on the Koral Interchange of Islamabad Expressway is in full swing and project would be completed in due time, said Project Director Shahid Mehmood on Tuesday. Talking to APP, he said that after lifting ban on stone crushing from Margalla Hills, the pace of work has been expedited. He said that the development work was affected due to shortage of crush. Shahid Mehmood said that three under passes are being constructing on the Koral interchange in which two underpasses have been completed while the laying of cement concrete on third underpass would be started soon.

He said that the widening of Islamabad expressway was direly needed as the recurrent traffic jams during rush hours, road congestion, and prolonged delays during travel on the road was causing difficulties among the commuters on daily basis.

Shahid Mehmood said that five interchanges would be constructed at five different localities including Sohan, Khanna, Koral, Japan Road and GT Road on the Islamabad Expressway.

He told this project includes expansion of 8.5-kilometer road from Faizabad to Koral chowk to five lanes and construction of four lanes 12.5-kilometer road from Koral to GT Road. In all the 25 kilometer road would be completed from Zero Point to Rawat as part of Islamabad Expressway signal free corridor. This project would be completed at the cost of Rs21.8 billion.