Efforts To Promote Artificial Fish Breeding Yielding Results

Efforts to promote artificial fish breeding yielding results

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th August, 2016) : Efforts of the Punjab Fisheries Department to promote artificial fish breeding have emerged successful. Many hatcheries had been set up in the private sector under the guidance and services provided by the provincial fisheries department, a senior official of the department told APP here on Thursday. He said a big hatchery was also being set up for breeding of fish in salt waters of Muzafargarh which would prove to be of basic importance in the fisheries sector. Development work on the biggest fish hatchery of South Asia in Rajanpur was also in progress, he said.

He said these hatcheries not only fulfilled demand of fish seed but also create new job opportunities. With a view to save local fish varieties like Raho, Mori, Thela, Sole, Singhari and Mahasheer their seed was released in rivers, lakes and other waters.

The hatcheries and nurseries of Fisheries Department had very important role in artificial breeding of seed of such fish varieties, he added. The official said the programme of provision of information to farmers regarding the latest techniques of fish farming at their farms was continuing so that better production could be achieved through their proper feeding.

He said to facilitate fish farmers, free services of analysis of water and soil in laboratories were also being provided to farmers while literature and technical advisory services were also being provided free to landowners for setting up of fish farms.