Encroachments: Sargodha Commissioner Suspends 5 MC Officials

Encroachments: Sargodha commissioner suspends 5 MC officials

SARGODHA, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Apr, 2024) Commissioner and Administrator Municipal Corporation (MC) Sargodha Muhammad Ajmal Bhatti has suspended five officials for negligence in performance of their duties, and warned all building inspectors, rent inspectors and accountant to improve their performance in a week.

The commissioner warned that if the situation persisted, the accountant would also be fired.

However, he commended performance of two recovery officials, awarded them appreciation certificates and ordered promotion of one of the officials.

The commissioner was chairing a performance review meeting of all branches of the MC at his office on Wednesday. The MC chief officer presented details of performance of each branch. The chair directed discontinuation of connections for users failing to pay water and sewerage bills, enforcing action against illegal constructions and connections, and filing of cases against them.

He demanded performance report of each building inspector, clarifying that inspectors with deficient performance would also be relieved of their job.

The commissioner ordered launch of an operation against encroachments once again and instructed to set a timeline for removal of cattle pens from the city areas. He said strict enforcement of zero tolerance policy against encroachments on footpaths should be ensured.

Similarly, orders were issued for immediate removal of oblique and unauthorised advertising boards in front of shops. Bhatti ordered immediate stoppage of illegal wall-chalking taking strict action against offenders. He also instructed for strict action against those who broke streets and sidewalks without permission.

In the meeting, the commissioner-cum-administrator ordered to take detailed review of rent recoveries from shops and various leased properties, instructing to take all possible measures to ensure 100pc recovery. He said that a weekly meeting would be held to review performance of the MC officers.

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