Experts Issue Spray Guidelines For Cotton Farmers


Experts issue spray guidelines for cotton farmers

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd july,2016) : Agriculture experts have issued guidelines to farmers for proper application of spray on cotton crop to minimize health risks to sprayers and obtain maximum advantage for crop. In a press release issued by Media Liaison Unit of Punjab Agriculture Department on Friday, experts said the spray machine should be selected in accordance with the field. Knapsack sprayer should be utilized in case of cotton field below ten acre, Solo Power Sprayer in case of field measuring above ten acre but below 125 acres, 200 litre capacity tractor boom sprayer to cover area ranging from 25 to 150 acres and 400 litre capacity tractor boom sprayers should be used in case of area above 150 acres, experts advised.

They said the spray should be applied in the morning or evening during low temperature and avoid in case of rain.

Experts said that spray machine should be properly checked before use and sprayers should avoid smoking or eating during applying spray.