Eye Diseases Increasing: Professor Dr. Mirani


Eye diseases increasing: Professor Dr. Mirani

SUKKUR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 05th Nov, 2016 ) : Renowned opthamologist Professor Dr Abdul Haleem Mirani has said that more than three million people are suffering from different kind of eye diseases in the country.

The main reasons of eye diseases in Pakistan included use of contaminated water, dust, smoke and different allergies, he said adding that patients should visit eye specialists immediately, if they feel any change in their eyesight.

Talking to APP here on Saturday, he said eye diseases are increasing in the world including Pakistan. He pointed out that fortunately, modern equipment and surgical techniques are now available that were greatly helpful in treating eye ailments.

To a question, he said cousin marriage is the main cause for the high rate of eye diseases among newborns. According to Prof Dr Mirani, nearly two million people were prone to eye-related diseases in Pakistan, of which 80pc could be cured with timely treatment.

He said one major obstacle to the provision of eye care to the needy was the lack of necessary facilities.

Responding to questions, he said that eye disease was rapidly increasing among the masses while most of the people approach eye specialists and physicians at the last stage due to lack of awareness.

"The disease is associated with high blood pressure and diabetes and the people, above 40 years of age, having both the conditions are at high risk of getting Glaucoma," he said. If physicians were consulted and approached on time the disease could be controlled and prevented, he added.

Dr Mirani said that with the emergence of new technologies, Glaucoma was no more incurable disease and in several countries, it was being treated effectively and patients return to normalcy after painless treatment.

"If detected in early stages, Glaucoma can be treated with eye ointments and by putting medicinal drops directly into eyes. But in the last stages, affected eye is operated and a valve is inserted into eyeball to secrete out the liquid," he said.