Five Schemes Of Rs 5,695 Mln Approved


Five schemes of Rs 5,695 mln approved

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th july,2016) : The Punjab Provincial Development Working Party on Friday approved five development schemes of various sectors with an estimated cost of Rs 5695.778 million. The schemes were approved in the 6th meeting of Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) of current fiscal year 2016-17. The approved development scheme included: Cluster Development Initiative: A Way Forward for Economic Growth at the cost of Rs 741.452 million, Strengthing of Programme Management Unit (PMU) for Punjab Resource Management Programme (PRMP-II) at the cost of Rs 678.

553 million. Water Resource Development through Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Structure at the cost of Rs 198.000 million, Widening/Improvement of Sohawa Chakwal Talagang Mianwali Road Art: No.12 km No.

176.39 to 217.84=41.45 km in Mianwali at the cost of Rs 1848.919 million and Widening/Improvement of road from Hasilpur to Bahawalnagar (length: 80.00 km) i/c Dualization of Chishtian City Portion Reach km No.29.35 to 36.35 (length: 7 km), Bahawalnagar. (Revised) (KPRRP Phase-II) at the cost of Rs 2228.854 million.