Flood Contingency Plan Prepared For Islamabad

Flood contingency plan prepared for Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd july,2016) : Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has finalized protective arrangements against any flood like situation in the low lying areas of Islamabad. Constant vigilance would be maintained following these arrangements to combat the flood emergency in the rainy days particularly along the banks of river Swan and Korang, the ICT sources told APP on Friday.

All departments/agencies have been directed to mobilize all possible efforts and resources in systematic and integrated manner in order to combat any emergency situation. " Flood Control Centers have been constituted at three union councils of Islamabad including Tarlai, Bharakau and Sihala in which Secretaries Union Councils concerned along with Halqa Patwari and Civil Defense staff shall remain available on roundthe clock basis," the sources added. It has been decided to conduct the survey of catchment areas in city and rural areas and take effective protective measures in the wake of rains.

A control room, the sources said, has been established at Deputy Commissioner Office, ICT Administration Complex Islamabad which will function round the clock (Control No. 051-9108084) All Assistant Commissioners have been asked to personally visit the areas falling in their respective sub-divisions and identify the down-steams/low attitude areas including slum areas and residence along nullah.

The sources said that relevant directorates of CDA Islamabad shall carry out necessary arrangements to cope with situation arisen in case of accumulated water while Pakistan Meteorological Department Islamabad shall inform in advance regarding flood. The SDOs of Rawal Dam and Simly Dam have been asked to remain in close coordination with Assistant Commissioner (Secretariat) Islamabad and update regarding variation in altitude of water. The sources told that portion of few areas which are situated downstream of river Swan (Simly Dam) and river Koran (Rawal Dam) are vulnerable to be hit by high magnitude of flood.

In addition, slum areas along Nullah in sectors F-7, G-6, G-7, G-8, H-9, I-9 are also being considered vulnerable. Whenever, there are extensive and continuous rains in catchment areas of Simly and Rawal Dams, the excess water which overflows from spillways for these dams causes floods in rivers Swan and Koran.

Thus, high flood in these rivers may affect the low lying areas and disrupt services like water supply, sewerage, power supply, communication and agriculture system in these areas. Due to such situation, the sources said that constant vigilance would be maintained to counter any emergency like situation.