Govt Intends To Achieve World Standard In Water, Sanitation Services

Govt intends to achieve world standard in water, sanitation services

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21th july, 2016) : The Punjab government is intending to streamline its water and sanitation service delivery to achieve international standards. The task would be achieved in collaboration with the private sector to get benefit from its inherent efficiency and practices, official sources quoting documents from Punjab Growth Strategy told APP here on Thursday. They said the aim of the provincial government was to provide clean drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities to people on priority basis. It was one of the priority areas as more than 50% diseases were water borne ones.

Currently, the service level of water utilities in Punjab needed improvement due to many factors, including low institutional capacity, rapid population growth and climate change effects, they said.

They said, the government was committed to provide adequate quantity of safe drinking water to the entire population at an affordable cost and in an equitable, efficient and sustainable manner. In its Drinking Water Policy the government had recognized that access to safe drinking water was the basic human right of every citizen and that it was the responsibility of the state to ensure its provision to all citizens, they added.