Green Dominates City


Green dominates city

LAHORE,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 8th Augst,2016) : Ahead of country's 70th Independence Day, hundreds of stalls have sprung up here at urdu Bazar with the prime goal to sell special merchandise concerning the aupicious occasion's celebrations. The place has turned into a huge wholesale market for these items including flags, T-shirts, hats, bangles, badges, wrist bands and other things in green. "Vendors from all over the province purchase these items from our market.

We don't charge high rates as people from all classes want to celebrate their national day," said Tariq Moeen, a manufacturer of small paper flags who had set up a maekshift stall. Talking to this srcibe he said,"We sell plastic bags, glasses, plates etc the whole year but for this month we focus on Independence day-related items.We have been setting up stalls here since decades". Aslam Naeem,another vendor, said that people come in good numbers alongwith with their families to shop for independence day.

"There are small stalls and big stalls, all decorated with variably-sized national flags,badges with new designs as well as badges of old,familiar designs; green and white colour bangles; and of course, flag-painted trees which attract customers of all ages", Zareem Usman, a wholesaler said. Salman, an eight-year-old child said:"I am waiting anxiously for 14th August and have come here to buy an army uniform along with a bunch of colourful badges". Iftikhar Ameen, a shop owner said that he sold approximately five million paper flags of small sizes last year.

"But this year,this number would be raised as we have received a healthy number of orders for flags, from different parts of other provinces as well", he added. Some other vendors said that business has doubled, compared to previous years.People have started visiting stalls right from the start of August and the daily shopping goes on late in the night as well.