Gwadar Has Potential To Become One Of World's Largest Ports


Gwadar has potential to become one of world's  largest ports

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd july,2016) : Gwadar Port after further expansion and development as per its Port Master Plan, has potential to become one of the largest ports in the world and may increase its cargo handling capacity upto 300 million tonnes annually.

An official source told APP that the existing Multipurpose Terminal of Gwadar Port is not being utilized upto its capacity. He said initially Concession Agreement was signed with M/s Port of Singapore Authority International.

During December, 2008, ECC decided to import all bulk wheat, urea and coal from Gwadar, From December,2008 till date a total of 6.329 million tons of urea, wheat has been imported through Gwadar Port.

The present port operator M/s China Overseas Ports Holding Company has commenced container service on short scale loaded with sea food from Gwadar Port, he said. He said work on Free Zone of the port, which will gear-up life into full port operationalization was going on. He said that there is shortage of electric power, fresh water supply and hinterland connectivity which is hampering full port operationalization.

He said technically speaking Gwadar Port with its infrastructure is operational and ready to receive ship calls.

However, commercially speaking, he said the port shall attain optimum operations once hinterland connectivity is completed, businesses are started in Gwadar, Port Free Zone and required infrastructures are in place. He said that Gwadar Port has a master plan for 50 years for its expansion and construction and at present it is operational with 602 metres quay length Multipurpose Terminal accommodating three ships at a time each of 50,000 tones deadweight capacity, one RORO facility and one service berth of 100 metre length for marine crafts for maintenance and refueling.

East revetment of approximately 1000 metres is ready in all respect for extension of present quay. The total length of quay wall along the east revetment will be 4.7 Km accommodating 22 ships of 200 meters each in the next phase port expansion: He said another phase of development of quays will be along the western and north western shore a total length of 17 Km accommodating 51 ships of 300 meters length.

This port area is allocated for construction of Container Terminal.