Hajj Complaint Cell Registers Over 1,128 Luggage Loss Complaints


Hajj Complaint Cell registers over 1,128 luggage loss complaints

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 31th August, 2016) : Hajj Complaint Cell established in Saudi Arabia by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has so far registered 1,128 luggage loss complaints of Pakistani intending pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. According to official sources, as many as 836 complaints have been addressed by handing over the lost luggage to the pilgrims. Relevant staff is vigorously trying to address remaining 292 complaints. Moreover, the complaint cell has received 30 complaints of the supply of inferior quality food.

Complaints were also received regarding dislocation of 334 Pakistani intending pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, of which, 330 have already been located and sent back to their groups.

The search for remaining four was continue. He said fifteen Pakistani intending pilgrims have died in Saudi Arabia, while 855 were treated in Saudi hospitals including 441 who are admitted and 414 others who were given medical facility. Over 120,000 intending pilgrims including over 65,000 pilgrims of Government Scheme and around 55,000 private hajj scheme pilgrims have so far reached Saudi Arabia.