Health Department Committed To Eliminate Dengue Larvae

Health department committed to eliminate dengue larvae

   RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th july, 2016) : The district health department detected dengue larvae at dozens of places during its indoor/outdoor dengue surveillance last week. The prevailing weather has led to breeding of dengue larvae and teams have detected and eliminated larvae by spraying insecticides in houses, construction sites, parks, graveyards, masjid and other open places, said Deputy District Officer Dr Aamir Sheikh while talking to APP.

He said the teams on Tuesday sprayed and fumigated different Union Councils in Rawal Town area. "No positive case of dengue has been detected in Rawal Town during the last week, he claimed, saying surveillance is continuing to check its occurrence." He said that government alone could not overcome the fatal virus and people from all sections of society would have to join hands in getting rid of dengue.