Heavy Downpour Inundates City Areas


Heavy downpour inundates city areas

SARGODHA, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 10th Augst,2016) : Heavy rain along with thunderstorm lashed the city on Wednesday and inundated several main roads and residential areas. The day started with torrential rain accompanied by gusty wind which continued in most parts of the city for a couple of hours. It brought the traffic to a standstill position, largely due to poor visibility and risky driving conditions.

Residential areas including Model town, Garden town, Canal park, Muslim town, University road, old city, Ghani park, New, Old Satellite town were among the badly hit localities. Model colony, New Satellite Town, Johar colony were worst hit localities of the town where water had inundated the whole area, making the life of the people miserable. A TMA spokesperson said that after rains momentary water logging was inevitable but teams of the department were working to address the issue.