HEC For Improving Research Based Higher Education


HEC for improving research based higher education

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -30th Augst,2016) : Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pro.Dr Mukhtar Ahmad has said that HEC has increased the funding for research facilities across the country to have an improved research system.

Talking to ptv news, he said three billion rupees have been allocated for research based projects with the help of ministry of Planning & Reforms. "We have increased the funding to improve research based higher education system in Pakistan during last 2-3 years", he added. He said that offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORICs) as well as business Incubation Centers have been set up in universities to encourage and commercialize relevant research. He said government will further strengthen the HEC to bring the university sector of Pakistan at par with international standards. He said HEC has also evaluated 170 universities of the country about their academia and tuition standards for quality education, he added To a question he said, HEC has planned to establish a National Testing Council as selection criteria in different fields that will have international calibrations and most importantly it will be free of cost.

Quality should not be compromised and changes in the offered subjects should be according to needs and demands of the societal progress, he added. Dr.

Mukhtar Ahmed said development of Pakistan's higher education sector has been progressed rapidly since HAC's inception in 2002. He explained different initiatives taken by the commission to improve equitable access, ensure quality, develop human resource and promote relevant research have borne fruit. To a question, he said that HEC has been monitoring newly established institutions and not ready to compromise on quality of education. "There are 3,700 affiliated colleges to various universities in the country", he added.

He said HEC has same rules for both the public and private sectors universities.