Husband Kills Wife, Man Stabbed To Death


Husband kills wife, man stabbed to death

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th july, 2016) : A man on Saturday killed his wife over a family dispute here at `Shahpur Phulgran' in Bhara Kau police area while a man was stabbed to death.

According to police, Ali Asghar due to some dispute strangulated his 40-year old wife Gul Bibi. The couple has six children.

The police arrested the alleged killer. Meanwhile, Hasham Khan was stabbed to death by unidentified accused.

According to the police, the reason for his murder was an old enmity. An Audit Officer of Eden Life Society Syed M. Najib Shah died while sitting on a chair near his office. Police said he apparently died of cardiac arrest.