Illegal Cars Sale Points Irk Residents, People


Illegal cars sale points irk residents, people

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th August, 2016) : The illegal cars sale points on Shaheed Benazir Bhutto road (Murree) between sixth road to Chandni chowk were not only creating traffic congestion for the general public but also causing security hazards in the area. "The car owners mostly second hand cars sellers park their vehicles illegally on the roads and foot paths along the Murree road specially on Thursday and Friday in a week on regular basis, creating problems for the general public and distupting smooth flow of traffic on service roads" the residents complained. Abdul Wahab a resident near Chandni chowk told APP that a number of time the city traffic police imposed a ban on the parking of second hand vehicles sale on Murree road but alleged that the these illegal car sellers violated the ban.

When contacted a police constable on duty agreed and told APP that parking for sale of second hand vehicles along Murree road was illegal but using the political influence these illegal car sells are parking the vehicles. However the residents and people of the area residing along the Murree road from Sixt road to Chandni chowk have demanded of the city government administration and traffic police to take immediate action against these illegal cars sale points and impose a complete ban on these sale points for the relief of the people.