Increased Urea Prices Depriving Farmers Of Right To Livelihood: Shakir Awan

Increased urea prices depriving farmers of right to livelihood: Shakir Awan

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Apr, 2024) Member of the National Assembly (MNA) Malik Shakir Bashir Awan of Pakistan Muslim-League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Monday said the increased prices of urea and other fertilizers had deprived the farmers of their right to livelihood.

Talking to APP outside the Parliament House, the PML-N MNA said he had submitted a calling attention notice with Assembly Secretariat for a debate on the pressing issue to give relief to the farmers' community facing financial issues in the face of costly fertilizers.

Awan said fertilizers particularly urea were the most essential ingredient to gain massive yield and sustain crop health during the harvest. Since, Pakistan was an agricultural country, the government should ensure provision of fertilizers to the farmers at subsidized rates for maximum crops cultivation which would ensure food security, he added.

He said urea prices should never exceed a certain level. The current prices had made it impossible for the farmers to sow their next crops which would drastically impact their targets.