India Can't Suppress Kashmiris For Long

India can't suppress Kashmiris for long

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july,2016) : Former ambassador Javed Hafiz said on Wednesday that India can not suppress the people of Kashmir for a long time. Talking to ptv he said that it is an unfortunate fact that India has been inflicting oppression on Kashmiri people since long.

India has used almost all means to put pressure on Kashmir, but its residents have given continuous sacrifices for freedom. He said the movement in Kashmir is on its peak once again and Kashmiri people are raising their voices for fundamental right of self-determination.

Replying to a question he said since Modi's inception into power corridors, Kashmir situation has further deteriorated.

Indian illegal occupation and rule in Kashmir raises million dollar questions on UN role in resolution of major global disputes. He further said,"since 19th of July, 1947, Kashmiris are determined on their stance to accede to Pakistan at all costs. Nations have render sacrifices for their rights and for their successes in achieving those rights." Kashmiris will continue their struggle till the last drop of blood in their bodies and will win the freedom from Indian shackles.

Sooner or later, India will have to admit just and equitable right of Kashmiri people,he added.