India Set To Introduce New Lethal Weapon In IOK

India set to introduce new lethal weapon in IOK

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -26th Augst,2016) : India is set to introduce use of another lethal weapon in occupied Kashmir to quell the ongoing mass uprising in the territory. After severe criticism of the use of pellet guns that resulted in the injuring of hundreds of protesters with many of them losing eyesight in one or both eyes since July 8, this year, the Indian government had constituted a panel, which was tasked with finding a replacement to the pellet gun,reported Kashmir Media Service. Media reports said, the panel has agreed on newly developed "PAVA shells", a chilli-based munition that temporarily incapacitates the target and renders it immobile. Indian Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, during a press conference in Srinagar on Thursday indicated that the forces' personnel would get an alternative to the pellet gun within a few days.

The reports said that the panel favoured "PAVA shells" as an alternative to pellet guns and had recommended that the Tear Smoke Unit (TSU) of the BSF in Gwalior should be tasked with the bulk production of the shells immediately, with the first lot of 50,000 rounds. "PAVA" or Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide, also called Nonivamide, is an organic compound found in natural chilli pepper. Once fired, the "PAVA" shells burst out to temporarily stun, immobilize and paralyze the target (protesters).