Inflation Not Reduces Despite Claims By Distt Admin

Inflation not reduces despite claims by distt admin

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 3rd Dec, 2023) As claimed by the district administration to control the prices of the various commodities after their raids, the wave of inflation could not be reduced, and the prices of vegetables and fruits continued to increase.

During a visit to the vegetables and fruits market, the rates of various food items continued to increase, and the vendors did not follow the price lists of various food items issued by the district administration.

The price of ginger is Rs. 540, garlic is Rs. 620, lemons are sold for 150 rupees per kg, and onion is 160, tomato is 120, potato is 120, capsicum is 150, pumpkin is 100, and peas are 200 rupees per kg, while the Tenda is 90, karela is 160, and potato is 140 rupees per kg in the market.

In the fruits market, the price of apples 280, Grapes 370 and Amluk Rs 190, are being sold. Malta 290, pomegranate Rs 330, and bananas Rs 160 are being sold per dozen. However, fluctuations continue in the price of live chicken per kilogram. The price of live chicken in the market will reach 410 rupees per kg.


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