ITU Projects To Be Commercialised


ITU projects to be commercialised

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Dec, 2016 ) : Punjab Chief Minister Advisor and Information Technology University (ITU) Vice Chancellor Dr Umar Saif said on Saturday successful projects undertaken by ITU students would be commercialised.

Addressing the closing ceremony of 5th Robotics Expo here, he said that students learnt through technological activity for resolving social problems through Robotics Expos under the varsity. Dr Umar Saif said that ITU students successfully designed and built 14 robot prototypes to address some of the locally relevant problems of Pakistan.

"In this era of robotic revolution, the students of our university are highly motivated and passionate as they are playing an immensely crucial role in bringing this revolution to Pakistan. This time around, our country is not going to lag behind in this technological race," he viewed.

While, the chief guest Inzamam-ul-Haq, a legendary personality of Pakistan cricket, was highly impressed by the students efforts and said, "I foresee a bright future of Pakistan in technological innovation, and one day, we will be ranked amongst the best in the business." ITU robotics programme leader Talha Rehmani said, "It is remarkable that our undergraduate third-semester students are demonstrating such an innovation in robotics to solve locally relevant problems at this level and this is highly unprecedented.

" In the expo, the students showcased fascinating robots including; Rekhta, an ultimate urdu word predictor and transliterator that works in Roman and Noori Nastaleeq; Windope, a window cleaning robot designed and built to save the lives of window cleaners who work in adverse environments to clean windows in high-rise buildings; Mawazin, a medical product that ensures safety against over-dose of anesthesia medicine and administers drugs at a controlled rate; Machine-e-Meharbani, a vending machine that takes plastic bottles as credit and in return provides food to homeless people; The Eye-Writer, a robot designed for paralyzed people to help them do various tasks such as writing or controlling switch buttons by simple movements of their eyes; Taabat-ul-Miyah, a robot that can autonomously control a residential water motor based on water pressure from the main supply.

A panel of judges declared Rock Star award and three successful teams, while robotics teams catwalk also attracted the audience. Renowned people from diverse fields attended the expo, including CEOs from over 15 companies, cricketers from Pakistan National Team, leading educationalists and journalists.