KP CM Approves Restoration Of Lapse Funds For All Districts


KP CM approves restoration of lapse funds for all districts

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th August, 2016) : Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak approved in principle, the restoration of the lapsed fund under the developmental strategy for all districts of the province.

He advised the completion of the ongoing schemes in social sectors on priority basis as the provincial government would provide resources for the ongoing projects in all the districts. He was presiding over a meeting on developmental strategy in all districts of the province.

Administrative secretaries of local government, finance, P&D and other attended. The participants of the meeting gave a presentation about the status of different schemes in all the districts of the province. Addressing the participants of the meeting, the Chief Minister said that his government had a uniform developmental approach for all the districts of the province.

The ongoing schemes should be complete on priority basis this year which were left incomplete because of the lapse of fund.

Pervez Khattak directed that the process of development should continue without any obstacle. His government, he added had a firm commitment to ensure accessibility of people to services in public sectors and prosperity and developmental of the people was of prime importance.

He would not allow any delay or hindrance in the timely completion of developmental schemes because these projects were for the benefit of the people. It is the responsibility of the government to live up to the expectations of people.

We would ensure judicious use of spending on the developmental strategy in all districts that will lead to the overall uplifting of hitherto neglected areas, he added. The Chief Minister directed all the deputy commissioners to fulfill all the procedural requirements for the restoration of lapse funds in order to continue the process of development in all districts of the province.