Livestock Dept Starts Campaign Against Congo Fever


Livestock Dept starts campaign against congo fever

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 24th August, 2016) : The Khyber Pakthunkhwa Livestock and Dairy Development following reports of congo fever has initiated preventive campaign against the disease in the province by setting up 130 check-posts and deputed 529 employees for duty. The department under the preventive campaign has established 130 check posts throughout the province where 529 employees deputed in these check posts are performing their duties, says a circular issued by the Livestock Department Extension Wing here Wednesday.

These employees are carrying out preventive spray at local cattle places and baras for elimination of ticks. The Livestock Department has informed that Congo fever is a disease spread by a virus, which is transmitted from one animal to another and from animals to human beings through a special kind of tick (hi-loma).

This disease can also be spread from the blood of affected cattle or man and all the people working in veterinary sector, owners of cattle, traders of cattle as well as men working in slaughter houses have been directed to act upon the below precautionary measures issued by the Livestock Department.

"The people have been warned not to touch the tick with bare hand, do not remove ticks from animals with hands, always ensure removal of ticks from the animals with gloves and do not allow children to go to cattle markets, wear light colour clothes in the cattle market so that the ticks crawling on the clothes could be seen," it said. In precautionary measures, it has been directed to wear gloves while slaughtering animals, handle blood, skin and other fluid things of the animals carefully.

It further stated that if a person has wounded his skin, he should take precautionary measures before touching cattle with hands.