Lums FC Routed Quid Manga FC 3-1 In Football League

Lums FC routed Quid Manga FC 3-1 in football league

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th August, 2016) : Lums FC routed Quaid Manga FC 3-1 in a super round match of Fame football league here at Model Town ground on Friday. Lums FC's Nosherwan scored the first goal in 17th minute through air flick on the Left Out Corner.

Second goal was netted by Striker Muhammad Rao through a header, midway through the first half.

In the 61th minute of second half of the match, the strikers of Quaid Manga FC rushed towards goal post of Lums FC where Shoaib received the long shot of Waqas and manged to place the ball in the nets through beautiful first touch technique to break the dead lock. Lums FC's Talal succeeded to place the ball in the nets in the dying stages of the play to boost the score at 3-1. The match was officiated by Commissioner Shabbir Ahmed, Referee Zubair Jutt, Assistant Referees Master Afzal and Liaqat Ali Shah.