Meat, Meat Products Worth $269.122 Million Exported In FY 2015-16


Meat, meat products worth $269.122 million exported in FY 2015-16

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th july,2016) : Meat and meat products exports during fiscal year 2015-16 witnessed an increase of 10.54 percent as compared to the exports of corresponding period of last year. In last 12 months country earned US$ 269.122 million by exporting of about 76,448 metric tons of meat and meat products, which was up by 10.54 percent as compared to same period of FY 2014- 15, said data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Meat and meat preparations exports were recorded at 74,758 metric tons worth of US$ 243.464 million during the fiscal year 2014-15, it added. Meanwhile, country earned US$ 324.859 million by exporting the fish and fish preparations in fiscal year 2015-16 as compared to the exports of 137,381 metric tons valuing US$ 349.

235 million of same period of last year. on month-on month basis, fish and fish products exports were recorded at 8,565 metric tons valuing US$ 18.37 million as compared to the exports of 9,604 metric tons costing US$ 24.509 million of same month last year. Country earned US$ 15.729 million by exporting meat and meat products during the month of June, 2015 as compared to the exports of 5,760 metric tons worth of US$ 20.12 million of same month of last financial year. It may be recalled that overall food exports from the country during the FY 2016 decreased by 12.56 percent compared to FY 2015.

The food exports during the FY 16 were recorded at US$$ 3.990 billion compared to the exports of US$ 4.563 billion in FY 2015.