More Deserving To Be Added To BISP Beneficiaries After Fresh Survey'


More deserving to be added to BISP beneficiaries after fresh survey'

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th july,2016) : Benazir Income Support Programe Supervisor in Kurram Agency Ali Asghar said more deserving women would be added to 29,000 existing beneficiaries after fresh survey in the Agency in October. Talking to a private news channel, he said it would be ensured that no deserving women was left out this time. He said financial assistance of Rs 4,500 was being paid to every beneficiary after every three months.

He said some women in Kurram Agency, who were registered in the 2011 survey, did not know about the assistance amount being deposited in their accounts. He said some persons whose name were registered in the 2011 survey and were not getting the stipend, should contact the BISP office.

After verification, they would be paid all the arrears, he added.

He said the government decided to make payment to the BISP beneficiaries through ATMs to make the process easier and quicker. The processing of ATM cards for the beneficiaries is taking time due to which payment to the beneficiaries has been delayed, he added. To another question, Ali Asghar said the payment of arrears was started in March this year and many women had received six instalments.

He said some beneficiaries had arrears of Rs 26,000. 'We cannot pay all these arrears at once as the banks also have their limitations,' he added. He said funds of around Rs 180 million were allocated for Kurram Agency in March but the local banks did not have the capacity to pay such a huge amount.

Those, who had arrears of Rs 9,000 to Rs 14,000 would be get the amount in next phase, he added.