Multan To Get 99 Schemes Under Development Package

Multan to get 99 schemes under development package

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th july, 2016) : As many as 99 development schemes, costing Rs 235 million, have been approved under MPAs package to be initiated in different parts of city here. Eighty per cent work on 71 highway schemes, 13 of local government and 15 public health with overall cost of Rs 336 million had been completed, DCO Nadir Chattha said in a briefing given to the local legislatures on Saturday.

He said that work on 150 local government schemes including provision of electricity, gas and road construction had been continuing.

Of them, 138 had been completed and work on the remaining was underway. He said all project would be completed at a cost of Rs 209 million shortly.