NCSW Holds Seminar On Social Impacts Of Drug Addiction


NCSW holds seminar on social impacts of drug addiction

   ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 24th August, 2016) : National Council of Social Welfare Wednesday organized a seminar of social impacts of drug addiction to create awareness among youth on the hazardous effect of this curse on their health, family and society. The speakers of the seminar titled, 'Social Impacts of Drug Addiction and its Prevention: Problems and Prospects', briefed the participants that mostly youth start taking drugs as an enjoyment but later it becomes addiction for them bleaking their ways to step back. They said drugs ettack the immune system of the patients and cause drozyness gradually limiting brain powers to think and understand its harmful affects. They briefed that big mafias are involved in this evil who trap innocent youngsters through various tactics and provide free drugs to them but later demand hafty amount which force them towards illegal ways to get money.

Frustration and disappointment is another major factor for people of weak nurves to overcome the hard circumstances findings drugs a way of escape from all tension. They stressed that it is a social issue and drug addicts are vulnerable persons who should be sympathized rather than hated.

They asked people to help those involved in this curse and persuade them to take the assistance of any rehabilitation center. Physicians, officals of government departments, staff members of NCSW and representatives of civil society attended the seminar.