NDF Condemns Suicide Case Of Disabled Employee In Matiari


NDF condemns suicide case of disabled employee in Matiari

NAWABSHAH, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st Apr, 2024) President NDF Pakistan Nawabshah Abid Lashari has deplored the incident of a disabled employee of College education Matiari, Khadija Nusrat Memon suicide, committed on mal-attitude of college administration.

In a statement Abid Lashari said that It is tragic and should be investigated transparently.

He added that non-disabled employees tend to have very strict attitudes towards disabled people, have misunderstanding that disabled employees are unable to work.

Meanwhile disabled people can perform their work in a slightly different manner according to their disability and they have to be given a conducive environment so that they can perform their work easily.

The case of Khadija Memon should be investigated in a transparent and fair manner and the accused should be truly punished so that such painful incidents can be avoided in the future.