NHA Operation To Clear MNJ Road Continues

NHA operation to clear MNJ road continues

NARAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 3rd Dec, 2023) The National Highways Authority (NHA) continued its operation to clear glaciers and snow from the Mansehra Naran Jalkhad (MNJ) road on Sunday, successfully reinstating the route up to Phuldari.

According to NHA sources, operations were initiated at various locations where glaciers and snow had caused blockages on the MNJ road.

Deputy Director of NHA, Javed Yousuf, informed the media that heavy machinery has effectively cleared the road up to Khannian Phulldari. It is anticipated that the road will be fully cleared up to Naran by the evening.

Following heavy snowfall last Thursday in Naran, Kaghan, Babusar Top, and other tourist attractions in the upper Mansehra district, certain sections of the MNJ road were obstructed by glaciers and snow, leading to the entrapment of tourists and locals in some areas.