Oil, Gas Discoveries' Number Reaches 84 With PPL's New Find


Oil, gas discoveries' number reaches 84 with PPL's new find

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th july,2016) : Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has hit a gas discovery at its exploration well at Hadi, in district Sanghar of Sindh Province, bringing the total number of oil and gas finds to 84 during last three years. "The well flowed at 0.85 MMscfd gas at 32/64 inches choke size, thus confirming the presence of natural gas at Hadi X-1A," official sources in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources told APP. In last month alone, they informed the oil and gas exploration companies had made six new discoveries, which showed the government's commitment towards achieving self- reliance in the energy sector. "These are a record number of discoveries made in just one month, from where 50.1 mmcfd gas and 2,359 barrels oil per day was being produced," the sources added. Out of the six new finds, two were made by the Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL) and MOL Pakistan each, and one by Petroleum Exploration (pvt) Limited (PEL) and United Energy Pakistan (UEP) each. "Four discoveries have been made in different parts of Sindh and two in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa," he said.

Giving details of the new finds, they said PEL hit gas condensate discovery in Badin-IV South Block at Ayesha North-I Well in Sindh province, where the company dug 2,820 meters deep, conducted a successful DST (drill stem test) and found flow at the rate of 8.1 mmcfd of gas and 49 bpd oil. UEP made a gas discovery in Bukhari Lease at Limu East-I Well in Sindh province and assessed 2.0 mmcfd of gas flow. While, MOL Pakistan made two discoveries in Tal Block at Makori Deep-I Well and Tal Block Tolang West-I Well in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and found 18.5 mmcfd gas and 2,020 bpd oil flow during the drills. OGDCL, the sources said, made two discoveries in Bitrism Block at Bitrism West-IA Well and in Thal block at Thal West-I Well in Sindh provinces with 215 mmcfd gas and 290 bpd oil. Following the 84 oil and gas discoveries in last three years, around 631 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) gas and 27,359 barrels per day (bpd) Crude Oil production was being added to the system.