Open Garbage Heaps In Rawalpindi Irks Residents

Open garbage heaps in Rawalpindi irks residents

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st August, 2016) : Garbage heaps at various areas of Rawalpindi irked the residents as it was causing several diseases and was the major cause of polluted environment. Many areas have serious environmental impacts like infectious diseases, land and air pollution due to blockage of drains and water pollution in natural streams. Citizens complained that failure of the sanitation authority could be witnessed in areas of Sir Syed Chowk, Arya Mohallah and Khayaban-e-Sir Syed due to improper managmnet of garbage dumping. They said that the situation is becoming very complex in the city due to industrialization and urbanization. "Open dumping, open burning and un-engineered sanitary landfilling of solid waste were the wrong disposal practices adopted by the local authorities," said a resident of Syed Syed chowk, Abbas Ali Chohan. He added these methods of solid waste disposal were causing environmental degradation in the city.

Uncollected wastes often end up in drains, causing blockages which result in flooding and unsanitary conditions in the city, Chohan said.

Another resident of Khayab-e-Sir Syed, Salim Khan said "Flies breed in some constituents of solid wastes, and being very effective vectors they spread diseaseslike malaria and dengue He said mosquitoes also breed in blocked drains and in rainwater that is retained in discarded cans, tyres and other objects. He said rats find shelter and food in waste dumps becoming a major source of spreading disease.

The open burning of waste causes air pollution with having the products of combustion including hazardous dioxins. He said the uncollected waste degrades the urban environment, discouraging efforts to keep streets and open spaces in a clean and attractive condition.

When contacted, an official of Solid Waste Management department said that the department has placed 13 containers for use of solid waste in allocated areas. He added efficient staff have been deployed to collect the waste and dispose off properly taking care of the health hazard effects of garbages.