Over 2.2m People Caught Violating For Traffic Laws In 5 Months

Over 2.2m people caught violating for traffic laws in 5 months

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th May, 2024) Over 2.2 million people were caught violating the traffic laws during the past five months only in the provincial capital, as 435,000 motorcyclists were fined for riding without helmets and licences.

It was revealed by Chief Traffic Officer Ammara Athar in a press statement, issued here on Thursday. She highlighted that 561,617 vehicles faced action for violating lane discipline, stop lines, and zebra crossings. Furthermore, 140,000 violators were apprehended for applied-for and unregistered plates. She mentioned that action was taken against 19,000 vehicles for wrong-way driving.

The CTO further disclosed that 70,000 vehicles were fined for disrupting traffic flow, 28,000 for jumping red lights, and 14,000 for not wearing seat belts. Moreover, 32,000 were fined for using mobile phones while driving, and 40,000 for dangerous driving.

Ammara Athar emphasised that the purpose of these operations is not just to generate revenue but to ensure strict enforcement of traffic laws and maintain orderly traffic. She asserted that the aim is to reform citizens' behaviour.

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