Pak Blinds Baseball Team To Participate In AIBXC 2016 Event

Pak blinds baseball team to participate in AIBXC 2016 event

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 23th july, 2016) : The Pakistan Blinds Baseball team would participate in the AIBXC event 2016 to be played in Italy, says a statement issued here on Saturday. The secretary General of the Blinds Baseball Association of Pakistan, Musaddaq Hanif, said that the tournament began on July 22 will continue till 26.

He said that an Italian coach, Fabio Azrao, had come to Pakistan and trained our players. Pakistan team consists of Allah Ditta, Muhammad Imran, Shahid Nadeem, Muhammad Saqib, Muhammad Shiraz, and Saiullah. Syed Khawar Shah, president of Pakistan Federation of Baseball, wished the team well.