Pakistan Fully Supports Cause Of Kashmiri People: Musadik Malik


Pakistan fully supports cause of Kashmiri people: Musadik Malik

ISLAMABAD (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th August, 2016) : Spokesman to the Prime Minister Dr Musadik Malik, Wednesday said that Pakistan fully supports the struggle of people in Indian occupied Kashmir for their right to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations resolutions. "Pakistan fully supports their cause and will not let it to be secondary on its foreign policy agenda.

We shall continue to extend political, diplomatic and moral support to their right to self- determination," he said talking to media. He said injustice cannot sustain for long as if this tendency can result in disintegration of super powers then how long India would sustain by inflicting atrocities on Kashmiri people. "Kashmiri people did not deserve the cruelties meted out to them by Indian occupied forces for their just demand of right to self-determination that was internationally acknowledged from the United Nations platform," he added.

He said that Indian forces are spraying bullets and pellet firing on innocent Kashmiri people killing them and depriving them of their eye sight. "Pakistan cannot shy away from cause of Kashmiri people who are rendering sacrifices for a just right.

We have raised this issue at international fora." Musadik Malik said Prime Minister himself issued statement on this issue, the government briefed diplomats from permanent member countries of the UN, member countries of the OIC Contact Group on Kashmir and has also sent letters to Pakistani diplomats abroad to effectively raise the issue in countries of their deployment. The government has also written to UN Secretary General and OIC member states as it is fully cognizant that peace and stability in South Asian region is deeply linked to resolution of Kashmir dispute, he said.

Answering a question about a proposed law, he said, it is a global phenomenon that certain laws could not be implemented in letter and spirit but it does not mean that those nations stopped enacting new laws.

"I do acknowledge that there might have been some shortcomings in Pakistan in implementation of certain laws. But, it does not mean that we cannot enact new laws to protect livelihood and self-respect of our people." He said that Pakistan was not the only country enacting a law related to freedom of expression.

"Even the nations who had build the societies on basis of freedom of expression, they also introduced laws like Patriotism Act, Secret Profiling Acts and set up Guantanamo Bay." "But, we have not created any Guantanamo Bay, we are just proposing a law and if there will be any gap in this law, the court will explain," he stated. Malik said framing laws was jurisdiction of the Parliament and the powers to interpret the laws rested with the judiciary. Answering a question about extension to General Raheel Sharif, he said, the Army Chief believed in strengthening the institutions and his conduct has been praised country-wide.

"He had himself stated way back that he will not seek extension and those spreading rumors about him were wrong and mistaken." He said Imran Khan has developed the habit of scolding others and using humiliating language and this attitude of PTI leader was reflective of his undemocratic thinking.