Pakistan Railways Develops A Comprehensive Solar Strategy To Save Billions


Pakistan Railways develops a comprehensive solar strategy to save billions

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Apr, 2024) Pakistan Railways intends to transition the power network of all its stations, including major railway stations, offices, workshops, and factories, to solar systems in various stages. This initiative is expected to result in substantial savings for the department, amounting to billions of rupees.

An official from the Ministry of Railways informed APP that the initiative is projected to save Rs. 1.8 billion in the initial phase for the department. Subsequent phases will see more stations, offices, and facilities being included. In the first phase, Pakistan Railways aims to transition approximately 99 formations, encompassing major railway stations, nine divisional headquarters, and other essential offices, to solar energy.

The official stated that Pakistan Railways will enlist the expertise of the National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) to convert its network to solar power. The department has opted to transition the railway network to solar energy to alleviate the economic strain on Pakistan Railways.

He stated that the choice to adopt solar power is a strategic measure aimed at easing the financial burden on Pakistan Railways, which has been facing economic difficulties.

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