Pakistanis Vie For Honor In 6-Red Ball Snooker, Team Championship In Egypt

Pakistanis vie for honor in 6-Red Ball Snooker, Team Championship in Egypt

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july, 2016) : Top four Pakistanis are in line for the honor in the IBSF 6 Red Ball and Team Snooker Championship which got under way at Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and would continue up till July 30 with 145 players are competing for the coveted trophy. Babar Masih, Sohail Shehzad, Asjad Iqbal, and Muhammad Bilal, all four Pakistanis are competing both in the Individual as well as Team event.

All 145 players vie for the top honor from 26 countries of the world in Individual Event and 65 teams are competing in Team event. The groups have been divided in 32 groups while the Team event has been divided in 13 groups.

Top three players will qualify from the Individual event while top three teams will move to the qualifying groups.

The teams comprising Qatar, Mozambique, Jordan, Pakistan, England, India, Egypt, Wales Qatar as Babar Masih of Pakistan will face Mhanaa Alobaidli of Qatar in the opening match while Sohail Shehzad of Pakistan will Muhammad Qurashi of Mozambique in the second match, Asjad Iqbal of Pakistan will clash against Khalid Fakhouri of Jordan and Muhammad Bilal will play against Darren Morgan of Wales. In the Team event Pakistan-A team will face host Egypt-B in the first match while Pakistan-B will play against Egypt-A team in the second, followed by matches of the Pakistan-A and B against India, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.