Pakistanis Welcome Ban On Indian Dramas

Pakistanis welcome ban on Indian dramas

ISLAMABAD, Nov 4 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 04th Nov, 2016 ) : Pakistanis have appreciated the move of PEMRA to ban Indian content on tv channels. According to a private news channel report, after the imposition of the ban, Pakistani dramas have widely caught the attention of the viewers.

Playwrights believe that Pakistani TV serials while remaining in the ethical boundaries have always been a masterpiece of fine script and direction. "This is the time that we should improve our dramas according to new technique and present scenario," says writer Ayub Khawar.

Women irked by Indian soap's timeworn stories say that they are not desirous to watch the serials. They demanded that the ban should remain forever so that Pakistani culture can be kept safe from negative propaganda.

"The popularity of our dramas even dominates the Indian films," said a woman.

"Pakistani dramas are reality-based as compared to Indian. It presents the stories that we want to see," said another woman.

"Many of the Pakistani dramas have been copied by the Indians," pronounced a woman. Urdu-dubbed Turkish dramas have gained renewed popularity in Pakistan after the ban on Indian dramas. Following the Uri attack, the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association, which represents a number of Hindi film industry employees, passed a motion banning Pakistani artists until relations improve.

Pakistan's Film Exhibitors and Distributors group responded by suspending the screening of all Indian films "until normalcy returns". Then in October, Pakistan banned all Indian content from television and radio networks. It threatened to suspend the licences of any station caught flouting the ban.