Pakistan's Economic Indicators Moving In Right Direction

Pakistan's economic indicators moving in right direction

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Augst,2016) : Economist Dr. Ashfaq Hassan said on Monday that Pakistan will be among the developed countries in world as the economic indicators of our country are moving in right direction. Talking to Radio Pakistan he said ,"the present government is paying special attentions to development of different sectors including power, gas, education, health and roads. The completion of road infrastructure in the country would definitely bring prosperity and development, he added.

Dr Ashfaq said the country's economy has been growing for a number of years and it is back on track to complete an IMF programme for the first time in its history. Relative political stability, improving security situation, low inflation due to record low international oil prices and 42- year low interest rates are some of the contributing factors in creating an atmosphere ripe for international investment, he concluded.