Parliament Most Effective Forum To Make Govt Accountable: Chairman Senate


Parliament most effective forum to make Govt accountable: Chairman Senate

PESHAWAR (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 8th August, 2016) : Chairman Senate, Main Raza Rabbani Monday said here that protests and demonstration was the real essence of democracy and Parliament was the most effective forum in order to make the Government accountable for their policies and actions. Talking to media persons before addressing on the topic of 18th Constitutional Amendment, Challenges and Opportunities for Provincial Government," here at Pakistan Provincial Services academy attended by trainee PMS, Excise and Taxation and others officers, he said to make a government accountable for their actions and policies, parliament was the most effective forum. To a question about the recent PTI's agitation against the elected Government that enjoyed the mandate of masses, the Chairman Senate said peaceful protest and demonstration was a part of democracy but it was the parliament that provide a best forum for addressing an issue besides making the government's accountable. Highly Condemning the deadly terrorist attack in Quetta, the Chairman Senate said fight against terrorism was a long battle that could only be win through national unity and cohesion. The menace of terrorism could not be exterminated completely through one or two operations but rather we need to work with national unity and cohesion by setting aside our political differences and work hard with coordinated and consistent efforts to defeat this scourge once and for all.

He said time was not for away when Pakistani would succeed in fight against terrorism as they have rendered matchless sacrifices in this war than any other nations of the world. To a question about involvement of Indian spy 'RAW' in Quetta terrorist attack, the Chairman Senate said it would be premature to say anything about it and we should wait for investigation of this gory incident.

However, he said, India was trying to destabilize Pakistan and arrest of the Indian spy from Balochsitan was a clear example of it. However, Mian Raza Rabbani said that India has neither succeeded in the past nor will get success in future in their nefarious designs. Expressing heartfelt condolences with members of the bereaved families of Quetta terrorism incident, the Chairman Senate appealed the nation and leadership of political parties to set aside their political differences and get united on single point agenda to get rid of menace of terrorism. Later, in his address about importance of 18th constitutional amendment, the Chairman Senate said this amendment was the old demand of people of federating units that was now a reality.

He said this amendment has enhanced the power of the provinces besides ending the sense of deprivation of people of small provinces and will strengthen federation. He said powers of the devolved ministries have been transferred to the provinces and now it is up to their leadership to utilize it effectively for people's well-being. Rabbani said it was the responsibility of leadership of federating units to deliver for progress and socio-economic development of their masses and that the provinces or centre if have any concerns or problems can raise it in Council of Common Interest (CCI). There may some loopholes in this amendment but could be corrected through participatory federalization, collective wisdom and rules and regulations as enshrined in the constitution, Rabbani added and warned "If 18th amendment was revoked, it could have serious and dangerous implications on the federation." Rabbani said overall framework of the 18th constitutional amendment was now in existence and close liaison among Government, legislature and bureaucracy was indispensible to remove any lacunas in it. To a question about Fata reforms, the Chairman Senate said decision regarding the fate of tribesmen should be made by people of tribal areas, adding time has arrived to take decision about future of Fata. When asked about status of provincial financial autonomy under 18th amendment, the Chairman Senate argued that we need to prepare such results oriented economic projects that could produce tangible results and take cogent measures for eradication of corruption. To another question, he rejected the impression that this landmark amendment has been passed in haste, saying we should have passed it well before.

He said the Committee took long nine months to finalize this amendment. Earlier, Director General Pakistan Provincial Services Academy, Nighat Mehrooz briefed about the history and achievement of his organization.

She said 15000 courses were successfully completed besides imparting training to 35000 officers of administration/management of different government departments, officials of attached departments, NGOs and welfare organizations of different provinces.

She said trainee officers of KP, Balochistan, Gigit Baltistan were also provided training facilities here. Later, she presented souvenir to the Chairman Senate.